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Manage My Card

How wonderful is it to be able to manage big things in small ways?  This option gives you the ability to cancel your debit and credit cards if they are lost or stolen without having to go into a branch.  Hopefully, you will never need this feature but it’s super efficient if you do!

On the main screen of the app click the “more” button in the lower right hand corner. Choose the manage my cards option.

Every card connected to the account you are logged into will be listed here, including debit and credit cards.

The next screen is a summary of a card when you view it. From here you can see your current card or account balance, your credit card payment amount, your credit card due date, and other features.

If you choose view most recent transactions, you will get a list of the ten most recent approved transactions within the past three months. To view a full transaction history visit the my accounts section.

This screen will appear if you choose to edit activity alerts settings for the first time. To receive alerts you must allow the app to send notifications to your phone.

Once you have allowed notifications from the app you will see this screen. From here you can set alerts for all authorized transactions over a set dollar amount, transactions where the physical card is not presented, and transactions made in foreign countries.

From the Manage My Cards screen you are also able to temporarily lock your debit or credit card if you have misplaced it. If you find your card and no fraudulent activity occurred, you can unlock your card from here as well.

We created Tech Tuesdays to introduce all the features your Credit Union offers online and through It’sMe247. Thank you for your valued membership.