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Visa® Debit Cards

Nothing is more secure, convenient, or easy to use than our Visa® Debit Card when it comes to personal finances. There is no longer a need to carry large amounts of cash or write out checks. Purchases can be made everywhere Visa® is accepted and your funds are deducted automatically from your checking account. When you need to withdraw money, you have surcharge-free access to more than 35,000 ATMs nationwide, making it easy to find one in your area.

If you already have a checking account with us, adding a Visa® Debit Card is easy. Just give us a call or visit one of our six branches near you.

Enjoy the freedom, convenience and security of our Visa® Debit Cards available with all of our draft checking accounts. Benefits include:

  • Visa® Debit accessibility
  • EMV Chip Security
  • Convenient and secure way to pay for purchases
  • Visa®’s Zero Liability policy
  • Real-time balances and withdrawals

Lost Card?

Temporarily lock your card using your mobile app. Navigate to More then choose Manage My Cards.

Card Support

  • In the U.S. - 1-855-472-7391
  • Outside the U.S. - 1-727-299-2449

Non-Visa PINless Debit Card Transactions Notice

When you use your Visa Check/Debit Card at certain merchants and you do not enter a PIN, transactions may be processed as either a Visa Check/Debit Card transaction or a transaction on the STAR, PULSE, NYCE, COOP, or ACCEL/Exchange network. One or more of these networks may be displayed on the back of your debit card. Merchants must provide you with a clear way of choosing to make a Visa Check/Debit Card transaction if they support this option. Please be advised that should you choose to use STAR, PULSE, NYCE, COOP, or ACCEL/Exchange network when making a transaction without a PIN, different terms may apply, and you will not be eligible for certain Visa benefits. Certain protections and rights applicable only to Visa Check/Debit Card transactions as described in your cardholder agreement will not apply to transactions processed on the STAR, PULSE, NYCE, COOP, or ACCEL/Exchange network.
If you have any questions, please contact PSCU at 1‐727‐299‐2449 or 1‐855‐517‐2618.