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Vishing Scam

Fire Police City County FCU has received several notifications from our members and other credit unions in the area that members are being called at home and on their cell phones stating their card has been suspended. These members are victims of a vishing scam. The member is told their card has been suspended and directed to call an (800) or (937) number to “reactivate” their account. Once the member calls, they are prompted to provide personal information including name, card number, personal identification number (PIN), CVV value on the back of the card and expiration date.

Vishing is very similar to phishing. Phishing schemes are generally performed through email and websites that collect personal data, but vishing scams work a little differently. While you may still receive an email like a traditional phishing scam prompting you to take action to protect your card or restore a suspended account, vishing will direct you to call a phone number to take action for the warning you receive. These hotlines and phone numbers may be automated or manned, but will ask for personal information to collect data they can use to make fraudulent purchases or steal your identity.

For more information on vishing, please visit the FBI Website.