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Understanding Your Balance

There are two different types of balances in your accounts: Available and Actual.

The Available balance is the amount you can go out and spend right now.  This does not include, however, any checks that you have written that have not yet hit your account.  This may not include any purchases that you have made in the last 24 hours, and possibly longer, if made over a weekend or holiday.

Sign into the app and click on the My Accounts link.  This will allow you to see all of the accounts you have with the Credit Union. Each account will have an actual and available balance listed.

Click on the account information and it will open to the current transaction list.  You will be able to see what transactions have been deducted from your account up to this point.

The Actual balance is the amount that is, technically, in your account right at this moment.  This includes any funds that are in the process of leaving your account or coming into your account.

For example, in your Savings Account, even if there is no activity in your account you will have $25 less listed as Available than in Actual.  It is required that you always have $25 in your Savings Account because it is your membership fee.  Do not be confused, this is your money but it stays in your Savings account to keep your membership active. However, this is a good example of the difference between Available and Actual.

Understanding the difference between Available and Actual is very useful. You can monitor your accounts for activity at any time.  Also, it is wise to check in on your account activity to make sure there are not any fraudulent transactions hitting your accounts.  If you see a charge coming through that is not yours, contact the Credit Union right away.