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Pending Debit and ACH Transactions

When logging into the app and going to My Accounts, you will see list of all the accounts you have with the Credit Union. To see account activity, click on the account you want to view. On this page, you can view all of your transactions.

You will see money coming in, like your paycheck, and you will see funds going out. Most of these transactions will not post immediately so they will show up as pending. This is basically a holding period to make sure the funds are available and the institution receiving the funds is ready for them.

This feature allows you to view Debit and ACH transactions both incoming and outgoing. Some of these transactions will take longer to move from pending status into or out of your account. There are many variables that cause some transactions to take longer than others. Some of these variables are the institution holding/releasing the funds, the location of the other institution and the amount of the transaction.

You can also view pending transactions on It’s Me 247 Online Banking under the My Accounts tab. Under View, click on ACH Transactions. At the top of the page, you will see a list of electronic transactions that are pending. If you do not have any pending transactions, it will say there are no ACH transactions waiting to be posted to your accounts.

Under Automated Electronic Deposits, you will notice a list of periodic deposits you might receive in your accounts.

If the amount of the transaction is large, it will normally take more time for it to leave one institution to get to another. Again, it is always important to check your accounts regularly.