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You will only be able to use MACO to log on to one of your accounts per device. However, this does not prevent you from logging into another account with the normal username and login. Use Reset app data under settings and info to remove your MACO profile from the device.You can unenroll from a MACO option at any time by changing the quick authentication switch to the “off” position.If your mobile device is lost or stolen. Login to the mobile app and navigate to the Settings & Info section. Use the Reset Authentication Options on All Devices option to remove your MACO profile from every device you have logged into.​

To navigate to the authentication options screen, click “More” in the bottom right hand corner then choose Settings.

The Authentication Options screen lists the four options you have available to choose from (PIN, Voice, Biometric). The biometric option will either be Face ID authentication or Fingerprint ID authentication depending on the device you have. However, if your device does not support a biometric option, it may not be available. To enroll, click on the option you would like to choose.

To activate PIN authentication change the switch to the “on” position. You will then proceed to the enrollment process.

This screen explains that you will need to create a 4 digit PIN to enroll in this authentication option. If you would like to proceed click “continue”.

Here you will enter the 4 digit PIN you would like to use to login to your mobile app.

Re-enter the 4 digit PIN you just created to confirm. Click “continue” to complete the enrollment process.

You are now successfully enrolled in PIN authentication!

If you choose to enroll in Voice Authentication move the switch to the on position.

Voice Authentication requires that you record a phrase 3 times. You must use the phrase provided at enrollment to login. Personalized phrases are not supported.

When you are ready, click “Record” and say the phrase.

You will need to repeat the phrase once more for confirmation. Hit “record” when you are ready.

You are now successfully enrolled for Voice Authentication!

Face ID will only be available on devices that support it. To enroll, click continue.

It will then confirm that you would like to use Face ID to login. Click Verify to continue.

Your identity will be confirmed with Face ID. You are now successfully enrolled with Face ID!

Fingerprint verification will only work on devices that support it. To use fingerprint authentication, there must be a fingerprint saved on the mobile device. To enroll, change the switch to the “on” position.

Confirm that you would like to enroll with fingerprint authentication by clicking “continue”.

Your device will need to confirm your fingerprint to complete enrollment. Click “verify” to move forward. Once completed you are successfully enrolled in fingerprint authentication!

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