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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our new technology upgrades or your accounts, products or services, applications or forms? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of our members’ most frequently asked questions.

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Technology Upgrade

What is MACO?

MACO (Multiple Authentication Convenience Options) features 4 different authentication types-including voice

recognition, PIN entry, fingerprint and face recognition to log into It’s Me 247.

Will I have to download a new mobile app?

Yes, you will and  you will like what you see! The new It’s Me 247 mobile app will be available for download on

September 5th using the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What do I use for my member name and password the first time I log into It's Me 247?

For all users, your first login will require that your account number is used as your login ID

the default password you will need to enter the last 4 of the primary account holders SSN

then you be prompted to create a new password

this will be the password you use as we go forward with this service.

Will I still be able to pay bills online?

Perfect pay will not be available from Friday August 31st to Monday September 3rd. On Tuesday, September 4th

bill pay will be available again

Will I be able to view my eStatements?

As of Tuesday, September 4th, you will be able to access previous account history through online and mobile banking

as well as our 24-hour telephone banking service.

All eStatements, including your August 2018 statement, and check images will not be available. Please retain these for

your records prior to September 1st.

Will I still be able to use my ATM and debit card(s)?

While ATM and debit cards will still be available, transactions will not be in real time.

Consider using your Fire Police City County FCU credit card to make purchases.


How do I become a member of Fire Police City County FCU?

You could be our next member! Stop by any of our nine Locations or Contact Us to talk about your eligibility today.

What is Fire Police City County FCU’s routing number?

The Credit Union’s routing transit number is 274973196.

What is the Credit Union fax number?

The Credit Union’s fax number is 260-482-7999.


How soon will I have an answer for my loan application?

Loan applications will receive an answer within one (1) business day.

How do I view my mortgage online?

You may view your mortgage online through Perfect Teller.

Once you have logged into Perfect Teller, you may see your mortgage listed under “Loan Information” on the right hand side.

If you do not see your mortgage listed under “Loan Information”, you will need to visit Perfect Mortgage. On page 2 of the button menu in the top right of Perfect Teller, click the Perfect Mortgage button. You will be taken to a screen requesting your loan number and password. If you do not know your password or have any questions, please Contact Us.

How do I make a mortgage payment?

To make a mortgage payment:

Visit us at any of our Locations.

Contact Us by phone, email, or mail.

Online Bill Pay, available through Perfect Teller, allows you to pay monthly bills, such as a mortgage, but may take up to seven (7) business days to process.

Visa® Credit and Debit Cards

Who should I call if I have lost my debit / credit card?

Why is my card not working?

There are many reasons a credit or debit card may not be working. Please Contact Us if you are experiencing problems with your card.

How do I redeem my Visa rewards?


Are my funds federally insured?

Yes. Your deposits are insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government. In addition, your Credit Union provides private insurance through Excess Share Insurance Corporation (ESI). ESI provides at least $250,000 additional protection on member share accounts plus an additional $250,000 on Individual Retirement Accounts.

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