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eAlert Subcriptions

eAlerts are a great way to stay informed on the activity in your accounts. They keep you up to date on transactions going in and out of your accounts.

You will find eAlert Subcriptions by going to My Accounts and then it is listed as an option under Info Center.

You can sign up for eAlerts for all of your accounts or just one. You can request to get eAlerts for a variety of reasons such as account changes or for your daily account balances.

Another feature given on this page is to set up your account balance boundaries. If you are wanting to know if/when your account gets to a certain dollar amount, you can set an eAlert for that. For instance, if you don’t want your account to go below $200 because you have an automatic payment of $150 that comes out of that account, you can set an eAlert to tell you if your account balance goes below $200.

Also, on this page you have the option to receive an eAlert when a deposit goes in or a scheduled withdrawal goes out.

When clicking on this button, you will open a page to create your subscription. You will be given an option to choose the account you want eAlerts on. Then you can choose which eAlerts you would like on your account. You then will be asked to verify the email address you have listed on your account.

The next section will have you pick where you would the like the eAlert to be sent. It can be the message center on this app, an email or a text message.

Other options for eAlerts include: Daily Transactions, Daily Transactions Amounts and a reminder to check on, or pay your loan payment.