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Our online features and It’sMe247 offers our members several ways to transfer funds easily.  Read along as we guide you through convenient ways to move your money.

To perform a quick transfer, you can navigate to “move money” or “Pay & Transfer” from the main screen.

If you are making a transfer within your own account, you will select the “From Account” and “To Account” destinations then enter the amount. After completing click continue.

To make a transfer to another account number, either yours or another member, choose your from account then enter the to account number, suffix, first three letters of the account owner’s last name, and amount.

To perform a scheduled transfer, you will need to navigate to “Pay & Transfer”. From there you can schedule a new transfer or view a list of transfers you have already scheduled.

To schedule a new transfer:

You will first choose the frequency you want the transfer to happen (Bi-Weekly, Monthly, One Time only, Weekly, or Semi-Monthly).

Next you will enter the date you would like the transfer to start on.

Transfers can be set to never end, end on a set date, or end after a set amount of transfers have completed.

The last step is to choose which accounts you would like for the transfer to come from and deposit to. The deposit account can either be your account or another member’s account.

When you have completed filling in all of the fields, click continue. You will be asked to confirm that all of the information is correct. If it is click confirm and your transfer is now scheduled!