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Alexa Voice Bill Pay

Not only can you pay your bills right from the FPCCFCU mobile app, you can also set up a voice activated payment through an Amazon Alexa device. It’s easy, secure and fast. First time users will go through a one-time setup process. Account holders will need a smartphone with the Alexa app installed, an Amazon account and any Alexa-enabled device.

First-time users will go through a one-time setup process. On the FPCCFCU website, click on Login at the top of the menu. Head to the It’sMe247 Bill Pay link and sign in.

On your smartphone or tablet, use the Alexa phone app to access and enable iPay QuickPay in the Amazon Skill Store.

Enter the credentials and create a four-digit PIN. Then you will authorize the account link and acknowledge the related Alexa policies.

To make a voice enabled bill payment, use Alexa to start the bill pay feature. Then, authenticate access by using the established four-digit PIN. Make a payment by speaking the payee name, the payment amount and the payment date.