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Should you cash in on your Home’s Equity?HELOC Image

Refinancing your existing mortgage is a great way to reduce monthly payments, lower your interest rate or take cash out of your home’s equity for large purchases. Most individuals choose to refinance when they have equity in their home to secure a lower interest rate and lower their monthly payment, but refinancing can also help you build equity more quickly and pay off your mortgage sooner. When you are considering refinancing, here are a few main points to research: 

  • Will I incur any prepayment penalties?
  • What is the new interest rate -vs.- your current interest rate?
  • What are the closing costs for refinancing and can they be rolled into the loan?

How can Fire Police City County Federal Credit Union help?

What is Home Equity?

The Credit Union offers a personalized financing experience. One of our mortgage loan consultants will work closely with you to coordinate your home equity loan process from start to finish, and make your borrowing experience as quick and efficient as possible. Learn more at:

Home equity is the appraised value of your home minus any outstanding mortgage and loan balances. In most cases, home equity builds over time as you pay down mortgage balances or add value to your home. Home equity is an important asset for homeowners, since it can be used to borrow a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit (HELOC).


While summer can be fun, it can be extremely busy.

Get ready to make a financial splash this summer!That means it can be very costly too. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, paying for summertime child care or planning for fall’s school expenses, don’t let budget stress keep you from enjoying the weather. With a credit card from Fire Police City County FCU, you can qualify for low interest rates which means less money and less stress.

Summer Travel Tips

  • Use money you’ve forgotten about. It seems hard to believe but a lot of us have change jars we throw money into regularly that we never cash in or even secondary accounts where money may sit untouched. You may be surprised at just how much you’ve collected.
  • Bundle and save! It isn’t just cable companies that offer extra savings when you combine products. Many popular tourist destinations have passes that cover entry into multiple attractions at one discounted price. If you plan to see the sites, see how much a bundle pass could save you.
  • Stay close to home. Rediscover your community. Take time to visit museums, libraries, movie theaters, things that you are just too busy to enjoy the rest of the year. You’ll save money and fall in love with your hometown all over again.

Date Event Date Event
7/20 TinCaps 9/08 TinCaps
7/31 Crime Stoppers Car Show 9/11 Emergency ‘The Ultimate First Responders Event’
8/12 TinCaps 9/11 Guns'N'Hoses
8/20 Crime Stoppers Golf Outing