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Blow Your Debt Away

Sign up for a complimentary financial review (credit check required) and get entered to win a new snowblower! Please email or call 260-918-6176 to sign up.

Earn MoreEntries

New Loan(New or Refinanced) 

+10 Entries

Open a new checking account with debit card

+5 Entries


A financial review must be completed to be considered for one (1) entry. Credit check required. If a Checking Account with a debit card is opened after a financial review, the member will receive five (5) additional entries. If a new or new refinanced loan with a minimum of $5,000 new money is opened or transferred to Fire Police City County FCU, the member will receive ten (10) additional entries. Six (6) winners will be selected from all qualified entries received between October 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021.