Fee Schedule

The fees that appear on this schedule are accurate and effective for deposit accounts as of March 1, 2017. If you have further questions or require current rate and fee information, please Contact Us.

Share Account Fees
Minimum Share Account Open Balance $25.00
Christmas Club Account early Withdrawal Fee $10.00 per withdrawal
Vacation Club Account early Withdrawal Fee $10.00 for each withdrawal after 2 Withdrawals per year
Closed Regular Savings Account Fee $5.00
Dormant Account (balance under $50) $10.00 per month after 3 months of inactivity
Inactive Account Fee $10.00 per month after 1 year of inactivity
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Share Draft Account Fees
Closed Draft Account Fee $10.00
Early Account Closing Fee $25.00 if within 180 days of opening
Account Closure by Credit Union $10.00
Minimum Opening Balance $25.00 for regular checking
$2500.00 for Premier Checking
Minimum Balance Fee
(Premier Checking Only)
$5.00 if below $2500.00
Balancing Checkbook $20.00 per member
Check Cashing $2.00 if account balance is below $100.00 during that visit
Draft Copy Fee $5.00 per copy. $7.00 per copy (Mailed)
Hand Posting Drafts and ACHs
(Items without check digit or incorrect account number)
$2.00 per item
Overdraft Fee $30.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer $5.00 per occurrence
Reopen Closed Draft Account $50.00
Share Draft Printing Fee Prices Vary, please contact us.
Cashier's Check (to replace member's draft) $5.00
Stop Payment Fee $30.00 single/series
Courtesy Pay Fee $30.00 per item
Dormant Account (balance under $50.00) $10.00 per month after 3 months of inactivity
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Debit and ATM Card Fees
Debit Card Closure/Freeze Fee for abuse $10.00
ATM Empty Envelope Fee $25.00
ATM Deposit Offage Fee $5.00
ATM Surcharge Fee $3.00
Debit Card Copy Purchase Draft $25.00
Courtesy Pay Fee $30.00 per item
Replacement Cards $15.00
Inquiries on ATMs $2.00 per inquiry
Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer Fee $2.00 after six (12) withdrawals in any month. (Transactions on our machines do not count towards the twelve (12))
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VISA Replacement Fee $10.00
Late Payment $25.00
Returned Payment Fee Up to $25.00
VISA Statement Copy $5.00
Copy Purchase Draft $25.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 1.00%
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Other Service Fees
(applicable to all accounts)
Account History Fee $2.00 per page/ $3.00 (mailed)
ACH Stop Payment Fee $30.00
ACH NSF Fee $30.00
ACH Transfer Fee $5.00
Deposit Item Return Fee $30.00 or amount of the item, whichever is less
Cashier's Checks $5.00 each
Coin Counting Varies
Fax $3.00
Garnishment / Tax Levy $50.00
Mailed Item fee $3.00
Overnight Fee $30.00
Reprint 1099, 1098 Fee $5.00
IRA Premature Withdrawals $10.00
IRA Account Closure Fee $25.00
Money Order Fee $3.00
Stale Date Cashier's Check or Money Order $10.00
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.00
Research with, or without a Subpoena $25.00 per hour plus cost of check copies
Incorrect Address Fee $5.00 per month
Returned Mail fee $5.00 per piece
Statement Copy Fee $5.00 per copy $7.00 (mailed)
Outgoing Wire Transfers-Domestic $30.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers-International $50.00
Incoming Wire Transfers-International $20.00
Processing International Items Canadian - $25.00
Non-Canadian - $35.00
Late Loan Payment $25.00
Foreign Item Collection Over $1000.00 $25.00 per item
Bill Pay Fee $0.75 per transaction if no e-statements
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