Sellers Beware

It used to be easy to spot the scam. "Please be welcomed. You are the lung lost sun of Prince Gary Smith or Nigeria." The misspelling, the strangely familiar names, the bad grammar. All were good indicators that what you had was a scam on your hands. A new form has been flooding inboxes. They want to buy that stuff you are selling or put up for auction. But they don't have exact change.

Simple Saver meets Sam Scam

"Hello, my name is Simple Saver and I have something for sale. It is a very neat little item and I’m sure someone will want it. I’m only asking for $200.00 American."

"Hello Simple!!! ;) My name is Sam Scam. I just love that neat little item you are selling. I know just the spot in my house that could use it. Unfortunately I do not have the cash on me to buy it from you. But I can sign over a check to you for the funds, you just have to promise to send me back the extra money. It’s for $1,500.00. I need the money for hospital bills, so can you cash the check then send the rest to me via Western Union the same day?"

"Thank you, Sam, for your interest. I would be happy to send you the extra money the same day I get the check. My address is…"

Simple has the best intentions at heart, but he is being scammed. Sam just wants as much money as he can get from a phony check. Always be suspicious of anyone that wants to over-pay for goods and then have you send them the remainder. If Simple deposits/cashes the check and it gets returned he will be responsible for the entire amount of the check plus any fees.

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