Microsoft will not call you
out of the blue

Currently there is a scam going around involving “individuals from Microsoft” calling around to help fix a computer issue such as security, a virus, or software that is not functioning properly. It is important to remember that Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer, according to Microsoft's website

Getting remote access to your PC is a critical part of the scam: not only does it help the scammer confirm his diagnosis of the problems with the computer, but it also gives him a way to prove that he’s providing the so-called service that he is charging you for. But it has an even more threatening part: once he has that access, he can do pretty much what he likes within the limits of your own access privileges.

  1. Microsoft will not call out of the blue
  2. Do not give information such as personal information, usernames, passwords or any account information over the phone
  3. Microsoft will not ask for credit card information to validate your copy of Windows

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